Hi there. Thank you for stopping by my corner of the internet. 

My name is Cathrine Gro Frederiksen. I was born in Kolding, Denmark, and currently live in Tokyo with my family.

I work with trends, foresight and insight in order to assist global brands with Brand Strategy.

For the past 8 years I have helped companies bridge the present with the future in my company Alikelihood and in collaboration with agencies and other freelancers. You can see an (almost) full list of my projects & clients here.

I also translate my visual inspiration from Japan into pattern based Paper & Textile products at Kokodoko Studio.

My motivation is at its highest when I see new opportunities and help unfold them.


In 2015 I co-wrote a book about Trendsociology. In 2018 It was published in English.

Get your copy here. Since then, I have been thinking and experimenting a lot with how to go from trend and insight to Strategy. Im sharing my thoughts on my mailinglist. I would be happy to have you read & interact:

Some of the things clients, collaborators and friends are saying about me…

Cathrine is a gifted researcher and entrepreneurial-minded systems thinker who demonstrated a very natural ability to articulate insights and ideas from her observations while also – and perhaps more importantly- unlocking the same from others.
— Matthew Lincez, Strategic Foresight Lead at Idea Couture
On top of teaching Team 19 in their first year and supporting them in various ways in their journey, you have also made a huge contribution to developing our approach to research and design.
— Peter Sims, Teamleader at The Kaospilots International
Thank you for being so easy to work with, and for being such a professional in your field. You have a clear view of the trends in the industry, and at the same time you managed to keep an overview of the project and keep us updated at all times. I am very happy about our co-creation process, which have contributed to the insights being a natural part of the organisation and our department.
— Cathrine Gjerulf Thomsen, Consumer Insight Analyst, Tulip
Thank you for showing up today. That meant a lot. You are a keeper.
— Thomas Simon Olesen, One of my best friends
Thank you for excellent management of the project. Always in front, in good shape and keeping the good spirits high with a teamsong even after 3 exhausting execution days. Thank you for your energy, it is contagious.
— Dorte Mette Jensen, Stenalt Gods
Cathrine uses her creativity to find untraditonal solutions, but very effective solutions which can be carried out in real life.
— Flemming Paasch, CEO Easyfood

Still curious?

Here you have 10 (absolutely true) facts about me:

1. I sing when I am scared and when I ski or snowboard fast downhill.

2. I lived in 5 countries the past decade: Denmark, Germany, China, Canada and now: Japan.

3. My life mission is to create great stories to tell my grandchildren.

4. My first ever job was as a paperboy (girl). I had two routes, and optimised the system so I could finish it in one routes time.

5. I was once awarded worker of the quarter at the local Mc.Donalds where I was working during highschool. I have worked a lot of different jobs when I was younger: Legobrick sorter, cheese packer, box checker, pizza maker, you name it.

6. My parents passionately tried to make me interested in sports (I attending more than 15 different sports training sessions as a kid), but they have now realised I am just more into drawing and thinking. However, if it is fun, i’ll do it.

7. My favourite play as a kid was “store”. I would collect nuts and flowers in the nearby forrest, and sell them in front of the local supermarket. Always with my little brother as helper.

8. I think of sales meetings as a creative space, where we are trying to find a need and a solution.

9. After everyone else has gone to bed, I quilt.

10. I love to practice my improv creativity by practicing storytelling and rap — mostly in the shower.